WhatsApp’s new convenient feature of geo-tracking

Why would one need to track a location via WhatsApp, you may ask? In fact, there is a huge number of potential uses for this new feature recently announced by WhatsApp designers:

  • Making it much easier for friends to locate each other when they schedule a meeting in an unknown or crowded place and get lost
  • Allowing the location sharing option for real-time location tracking (which is highly convenient for parents’ geo-tracking of kids)
  • Ensuring that WhatsApp users consciously share their location information with friends for an estimated timespan they personally establish

track locationHandy, isn’t it? You may turn this function on and off at your discretion and use it to help your chat members to find you without any excessive hardship by tracking WhatsApp location. At present, the app’s designers to track location from WhatsApp with a 1-, 2- and 5-minute interval of location’s availability to contacts. However, it is still a subject of intense debates and concerns about the privacy issues, as non-deliberate activation of the option may cause many problems, discomfort, and unwanted interferences with one’s privacy.

For instance, you may face an unpleasant situation of having to explain why you missed a morning meeting with a friend and saying that you were stuck in the traffic jam may be easily exposed by your friend’s check via WhatsApp Live Location Tracking option. You will find it hard to explain why the traffic jam was located in your apartment’s bedroom!

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