What Things You Should Block on your Kid’s Phone

It’s pretty safe to say that most kids are kind of reckless today when it comes to using their phones. They do not fully understand the various dangers they can find themselves suddenly facing, and that causes them to try new things without thinking them through.

Parental Control Becoming Necessary

Sexting, online bullying, cybercrimes, and plain old recklessness when it comes to spending their parents’ money buying apps they don’t need is becoming more and more common these days. It thus makes sense for parents to use parental control apps on their children’s phones so that they can block certain parts of their experience, for example Pokemon Go, to keep them safe from harm.

Blocking Apps and Websites

The first thing to do is get a monitoring app from the list of best Android and iOS apps. You should choose an app that lets you see what websites and apps your kid is using and then block them as well, for example MSpy. You can monitor the keywords your children use on their phones and decide whether certain type of websites need to be block for them.

The same goes for apps. There are many apps today that aim to get malware into your kid’s phone, and they don’t realize it. You can block from being used or monitor these apps, if you find them installed on the phone.

Protect Your Money

Another thing parents face a lot these days is their children using their parents’ credit card details to make random purchases on the Play Store. They can keep buying stuff without thinking that it’ll cost money, and that leads to very large bills for the parents to cover.

The best way to prevent this is to put a password on their phone’s Google Play Store, so that every time they make a purchase, the phone will ask them to come to you and get the password. This ensures that nothing gets bought without your consent.

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