What is the Best Age to get a Cell Phone?

It may just be inevitable that one day your children will ask for a cell phone of their own. Be it out of necessity or for entertainment, as everyone today is heavily reliant on their cell phones for it, you will have to face this as parent one day or the other.

What age is the best to get your child a cell phone remains to be answered. There is no one answer to this, as it all depends on the need, the maturity level of the child, and the family influences.

Assess the Need

Exactly why your children need their own cell phones is the first thing you need to find out. If it is for necessity only, then you can consider some special alternatives to the modern smartphone. There are feature phones that you can get, which minimize the threats that smartphones bring with them. You could also get a phone that is wired to call you, and you alone, when your child needs to be picked up from school.

Know Your Child

If it is not out of necessity, you need to know what is driving your children to ask for it. Is it because they see everyone around them using smartphones and want to get in on the fun, or are they being influenced by someone to use certain apps? There can be dangers associated here, and you should be aware of them, because even harmlessness apps like Pokemon Go can be a threat, and you should deep track of it.

Monitor their Use

If you cannot deter your child’s requests for a new device, and are unsure of why they need one, you can always install a phone tracker on their cell phone. This allows you to get your child a new phone without being completely left out of the loop as to what’s happening, and in case something seems risky or dangerous, you then have the privilege to step in.

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