What Cell Phone Tracking Features do you need?

So you’ve decided that you need to use a cell phone tracker to keep an eye on your children, the question now is which features do you actually need from the app? Many people ignore this important factor when deciding which app to buy, and end up spending more for stuff they didn’t want.

Here is a breakdown of the types of features tracking apps provide, so you can make your decision more efficiently.

The Basics

First off, we have the features that almost all apps provide. These are for people looking for basic levels of tracking, who maybe just want to try out an app before buying a more premium version. These are:

The Location-Centric Features

If you need to take your tracking one step further, invest in an app that allows you to tap into the phone’s GPS and monitors the target’s location. This comes in handy when you are tracking your children whom you think are getting involved in dangerous situations, a spouse you are doubtful of, or an employee you think is working against you.

Apps like MSpy may or may not also allow you to turn the phone into a listening device so that you can actually hear what is happening around your target and what is being talked about.

The Advanced Features

These are for the parents who want to keep a very keen eye on their children. These include:

  • Monitoring app usage, including times and frequency of use
  • Blocking off certain parts of the phone, including some apps and websites
  • Having keyword control over websites. Defining keywords will allow the app to alert you whenever your kid searches for one of them.

There are still a lot of features that apps may have, but these are the ones commonly found. Head over to the list of the best iOS and Android tracking apps, and do some research of your own as well before making a decision.

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