What are the Best Apps to Monitor Android Phone Online?

The sea of spy apps that can be used to monitor Android phones in becoming deeper and deeper. There are so many spy apps available today that it’s hard to actually keep count. While on the one hand this is a good thing, thanks to the sheer diversity that they bring, on the other it causes a lot of confusion among users as to which ones are better than the rest.

Let’s take a look at what makes an Android monitoring application better than others.

Basic Features Done Well

While many apps boast groundbreaking new features, it is important for the best spy app to cover all the basics right. If you can’t monitor incoming calls, messages, and emails properly, or can’t reliably track the phone’s location, then it doesn’t matter if your app allows you to wipe off a phone or something similar.

Advanced Features that are Useful

That said, a good spy app must have some unique features over others and these features should be those that can prove to be useful in real life. For example, having the ability to take screenshots of the device when a certain keyword is typed can prove to be helpful for parents, while having the ability to wipe a device can be useful for employers who have distributed company-owned phones to their employees, in case one of them tries to steal company data.

Support that is Dependable

One thing that normally gets overlooked while considering the best Android monitoring app is technical support. No matter how great or stable the app you are using is, there can always be technical issues that you need help with. In this case, it is vital to have a support system that you can reach out to. Features like phone calls, live chatting, and email access are important to have.

Pricing that is Flexible

Of course, you need to pay first to start using an app. This is why having multiple payment option and subscription plans is a very important aspect. There are many apps that try to rip the users off by asking them to subscribe for a period of a year, at a minimum. A good Android spy app needs to understand that every user’s needs differ from the other. It is always good to have multiple options as far as the minimum subscription period is concerned.

So there you have it, these are the first things you should always look at while considering which app to use. You can always go through some user reviews or a list of the best spy apps for Android phones to help with your decision as well.

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