A way to monitor WhatsApp communication

Many of you might want to track WhatsApp messages for many reasons: security of your kid from strangers and bullies, suspicions about the spouse’s fidelity, etc. But is that as easy to spy on one’s messages from a PC or phone as spy apps’ marketers state? Let’s find that out.

WhatsApp spying essentials

There are several simple tricks to use for getting access to WhatsApp chats of your subject:

  1. Try the parental control features present in many devices, be it iOS or Androidtrack WhatsApp messages
  2. Use the WhatsApp tool for monitoring – WhatsApp Web
  3. Sneak the phone of your subject (which is easy if you live together) and read the messages while he or she is sleeping, taking a shower, etc.

How to monitor WhatsApp messages without the target phone?

The things get much harder when you have no physical access to the phone of your subject of interest. In such a situation, you won’t do without some specialized mobile spy installed on the subject’s phone and giving you access to all conversations and activities done with it. Check a number of offers online and find the one fitting you best to keep all WhatsApp activities under cautious control.

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