Want to Get More of Snapchat Fun?

Snapchat is quickly gaining popularity among the youth, and it is a global leader of mobile messaging nowadays, beating its major competitors like Viber, WhatsApp, and LINE. What’s so unique and attractive about it? Definitely, it is a broad list of options for photo and video enhancement that Snapchat gives for its users not just to talk but to have real fun during communication.

Guess what? Even if you are a Snapchat guru and use it every day, we bet that we know some hidden tricks that may enhance its usability! Enjoy some secret Snapchat spy tricks that you may use to your advantage.

Tricks You May Have Never Thought About

  1. You might be surprised to find out that adding friends to your Snapchat contact list is possible even if you don’t know their contact details! Very convenient, isn’t it? Now there are no boundaries for connectivity – you can find the person of interest from the list of devices located in proximity to you, which makes it very easy to connect several devices while hanging out together.
  2. Emoji use is also not that simple in Snapchat; you can easily add an extra wow-effect to your images by selecting some emoji, enlarging it to the entire screen size, and then drag it aside to create the filter effect.
  3. Do you have a problem with deciphering others’ emotions? No problem, Snapchat can help you out! Check the Additional Services menu to read about each emoji in detail – now you will always be able to understand very clearly what your friend meant with this or that icon (if he bothered to check their meanings either)!

As you can see, using Snapchat is informative and enjoyable – experiment with options and find your perfect effects.

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