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What Messaging Apps are Popular among Teens

What Messaging Apps are Popular among Teens

It’s no longer the case that SMS messages are the only way for teens to interact with one another. Facebook was one of the first apps to really change that, and many others followed. Now, there are so many apps that it is hard to even name all of them that teens are using to interact among themselves.

Here’s a list of the popular apps among most teens today, with a short note as to why a parent would be concerned with their teen using it. Continue reading

Read Others’ Viber Messages Secretly

Read Others' Viber Messages Secretly

While many people look down upon the concept of spying on someone’s smartphone, it becomes a necessity at times. The reasons could be many. One could spy on their children’s phones to keep them out of danger, employees could use spying apps to make sure their company data stays safe, and doubtful spouses could need them to find out whether they are being cheated on or not. Continue reading

Is There a Way to Track Viber Messages?

10. Is There a Way to Track Viber Messages

Yes, there is. And most of us already know the one word magic answer: spyware.

The Various Ways

Spyware is the only efficient way to track anyone’s Viber messages. One must be clear on this point that tracking anyone without their consent is illegal, unless you are a parent or a guardian and can prove to the court that whatever you did was in the best interests of your kid. The other way is to secretly open the target phone every now and then, and let’s face it: even Sherlock will not be able to pull that secret stunt for long. Continue reading