Are your teens sexting with Snapchat?

Have you ever heard about Snapchat tracking software? Most likely, you have, as in today’s world of digital technologies, such trackers are a must-have for all caring parents willing to protect their kids online. Why? It’s all about sexting! This relatively new phenomenon is unfortunately extremely popular among teens now that makes it a real problem for most parents, and for a reason.

What is sexting?

Sexting is a type of behavior that involves the sending of explicit, nude, and sexual messages and photos of oneself to someone else. This term has appeared in recent years and gained its popularity largely thanks to Snapchat. The fact is that this app that, by the way, has over 150 million daily users offers an opportunity to send and receive photos and videos without their permanent storage on the cell phones or other devices. The trick is that all snaps (photo and video messages) automatically self-destruct after just 1-10 seconds. As you might have already guessed, that’s just a perfect situation for making teens bold enough to share sexually suggestive messages and inappropriate pictures of themselves. So how to protect your children from sexting? The wisest solution is to install a reliable tracking app on your kid’s device!

Reasons you need smart Snapchat tracking software

Although Snapchat has released a list of rules with strict instructions for teens to keep their clothes on, the problem of sexting still exists. This doesn’t mean that all children using this photo sharing application are involved in this type of activity. However, many of them do send explicit photos to a girlfriend/boyfriend just because they believe that these pictures are temporary. Unfortunately, they are wrong, and here are the reasons why:

  • Screenshots

    Even though all snaps are automatically deleted in a few seconds, what can prevent a recipient from taking a screenshot, saving it on the phone, and spreading it over the Internet? Nothing! After all, everything that has been once posted online can easily become public. In fairness, it should be noted that Snapchat notifies the sender in case a screenshot has been taken.

  • Digital camera

    In order not to let the app notify the sender about the taken screenshot, teens may also use a digital camera or another phone to take a photo. The result is even worse, as the sender remains in ignorance while his or her explicit pictures are stored on someone else’s device.

  • Special applications

    For today, there are some apps that can be integrated with Snapchat to easily save the snap before it disappears. That’s exactly what has brought the issue of sexting to a new level, as such software gives much more possibilities for the inappropriate content to be spread on the Internet.

However, along with the developing of snap-save applications, there are also helpful tracking apps that can assist parents with solving this problem. The most reliable among them is mSpy as it gives an opportunity to control the flow of all snaps on the target device at any time. This simply means that you will be aware of all the messages your teens send and capture via Snapchat. So if you want to protect them from sexting – start tracking now! That’s actually the only way to be completely sure your kids are safe online.

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