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The Truth Spy Review

the truth spy


Because of the numerous complaints from TheTruthSpy clients regarding its performance, support services and speed, our site would not recommend it to our readers. If you are looking for a reliable phone tracking application, Visit Official MSpy Website or others from our top 5. Continue reading

SpyEra Review

iOS, Android

4 (835 ratings )

Price: $45.00

People use spying and monitoring apps for different purposes. Parents might use them to keep a close eye on their children who are using their cellphones a little too much, and employers may use them to monitor their employees’ activities on their personal smartphones in the office. Children tend to get into problems over the internet, because they don’t realize the dangers that lurk online. Cyberbullies and criminals alike are waiting to scam and blackmail these unsuspecting children all the time, which makes it important for parents to review their cellphone usage. Continue reading

SpyBubble Review

spybubble review

iOS, Android

4.5 (2647 ratings )

Price: $57.00

Ever since smartphones became seemingly a necessity in the modern world, concerned parents have been looking for ways to keep an eye on the digital safety of their children. Other than parents, employers find it harder and harder to monitor their employees with BYOD strategies that companies are adopting these days. Continue reading

Mobile Spy Review

mobile spy box

The rise of smartphones and internet has led to a lot of children depending upon these technologies even from a young age, mainly for entertainment and communication purposes. This is a cause of worry of many parents who are aware of all the dangers which these open communication avenues bring with them. Continue reading

iSpyoo Review

ispyoo review

iOS, Android

4.5 (963 ratings )

Price: $54.00

The digital world has progressed so rapidly that everything we do is dictated by technology to a large extent. From small and simple activities like checking your email to something like booking a flight, everything is done via smartphones in today’s day and age. Continue reading

Highster Mobile Review

Highster Mobile review

Highster Mobile
iOS, Android

4.5 (2673 ratings )

Price: $45.00

There used to be a time when spyware were something of a rarity in the cell phone world. But with the higher demand which concerned parents and employers have brought to the market, a lot of different developers have invested their time and hard work into creating monitoring apps that can easily be made use of today. Aside from Highster Mobile, there are many scams out there as well, which makes finding the right software harder. Continue reading

Flexispy Review

flexispy box review

In the world of mobile monitoring and spy applications, there are a few names that stick out among the hordes of scam applications available. One of these names is Flexispy which, despite being relatively new, has made its own space in the world of smartphone monitoring with its strong support and some unique functionality not normally found in rival apps. Continue reading