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Spyzie Can Help You Protect Your Beloved Ones

Parental control apps are the right option for conscious parents. Spyzie helps parents spy on their kid’s activity on social networks, track the location and provides many other monitoring options.
But before purchasing a package one needs to find out all the pros and cons of the app. Spyzie Review is what can help you make an unbiased opinion of this spying tool. Continue reading

mSpy Review

mspy box

Of the many cellphone spying and monitoring softwares out there today, mSpy remains to be among the top ones. With its impressive array of features and ease of use, mSpy is one of the most loved and widely used monitoring softwares whether you use it to keep your children’s cellphone usage in control or to keep an eye on doubtful employees. Continue reading

Copy9 Review

REQUIRES: iOS, Android
4 (259 ratings )
Price: $45.00

It has always been a problem for some couples to truly trust each other, especially when one of them takes part in some suspicious activities. One of the reasons why you might start doubting your spouse is if they start using their smartphones too much all of a sudden.

There used to be no way of finding out the truth about the loyalty of one’s spouse, but it has changed with the introduction of spy software. These apps can help you track your spouse’s activities on the smartphone and you can find out once and for all whether you are being cheated on or you were just being paranoid. Continue reading

InnovaSpy Review


iOS, Android

4 (176 ratings )

Price: $59.00

The digital world has brought with it many different problems that a lot of people don’t realize. An increasing amount of the smartphone users who are faced with these problems are children. Children get excited when they get their own mobile phones and most of them start using them without any concern for the dangers and threats they may be facing. Continue reading

MobiStealth Review


iOS, Android

4.5 (2341 ratings )

Price: $67.00

One of the many ways in which employees can be successful in committing scams and fraud in their companies is through the use of their personal devices. Policies like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) are enabling employees to bypass the restrictions that company devices have on them, and ultimately lead to fraud. Continue reading

MaxxSpy Review

maxxspy logo

iOS, Android

4.5 (154 ratings )

Price: $55.00

It isn’t easy to live a life where you are constantly worried about your children getting into trouble or scammed online for being too invested in their smartphones and not aware of the dangers associated with them. The same can be said about people who are getting second thoughts about the loyalty of their life partners. Continue reading

PhoneSheriff Review


iOS, Android

4.5 (1845 ratings )

Price: $79.00

Many parents have found solace in smartphone monitoring services after being worried of their children’s online and mobile activities. These apps help them track and review the child’s activities on a phone and can help them know if their child is in any danger or can be hit with a possible threat. So many children are found to become prey to online predators and cybercriminals who are waiting for an unsuspecting child to slip up. Cyberbullying is becoming a huge threat, and children have been known to commit suicide due to it. Continue reading

WebWatcher Review

WebWatcher logo

iOS, Android

4 (432 ratings )

Price: $46.00

Where technology has helped us achieve more than we ever had before, it has also opened new doors for thieves and fraudsters. Identity theft, stealing personal bank information and online account credentials, and other similar cybercrimes have made the online world a very risky place. Continue reading