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Basic knowledge points of online gaming for parents


Online games are one of the significant ways of spending free time by children and teenagers nowadays. With the constant process of Internet access simplification and acceleration, they are rapidly gaining an audience through the whole world. Online gaming in a broad sense can mean a lot. This can be, for example, playing chess online, or use standard games for PC or console. But most often we are talking about the category of the most popular computer, console and mobile games, the gameplay of which is imprisoned primarily on the collective online game. (Children do not need to get together; everyone can play from their home). Continue reading

A short “what to do” guide for school bully’s parents


Parents received a complaint from the school that their child offends other students in one way or another. What should parents do in such a delicate situation, if we talk about the educational aspect. Here it is important to note at once that it is impossible to punish the child thoughtlessly. It is important first of all to find the root of its defiant behavior, and then apply the appropriate counteraction. Even punishment, if necessary. Continue reading

A guide for parents to help their kids with mental depression

parenting guide

Change of state is a normal thing of teenager’s everyday life and developing his personality. But our crazy world often leads children to depression, and it is not easy to distinguish it from the usual conditions. Teenagers often can’t formulate experiences and talk about it. But it’s important for you to start a dialogue somehow. Continue reading

5 steps to overcome everyday teenage stress

teenage stress

Psychologists’ researches in the United States show that overstated stress indicators and the lack of established mechanisms for their application are characteristic of the country’s social landscape as a whole. And, as we can see, the level of stress among young people from 13 to 17 years is very high, and the consequences can be both impulsive now and heavy long-term in the future. The main problem is that stress is a generally accepted concept of culture and is not perceived by the American as a problem, but rather simply as an obligatory part of life. In other words, people with constant stress consider themselves healthy and ignore the problem.
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Snapchat monitoring, or How to make sure your kid is safe online

snapchat monitoring

Since Snapchat is one of the most popular and at the same time dangerous instant messengers existing today, to find a smart Snapchat monitoring solution is a problem for many parents. The fact is that this multimedia messaging mobile application has a very unique feature – it automatically deletes every sent message (text, photo, or video) in just several seconds after it is opened by the recipient. Continue reading

Are your teens sexting with Snapchat?

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Have you ever heard about Snapchat tracking software? Most likely, you have, as in today’s world of digital technologies, such trackers are a must-have for all caring parents willing to protect their kids online. Why? It’s all about sexting! This relatively new phenomenon is unfortunately extremely popular among teens now that makes it a real problem for most parents, and for a reason.

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Track Pokemon Go App Activity On Your Children’s Phone

pokemon go tracking

The hype behind Pokémon Go is way too real to be ignored. The game has quickly found its way to be one of the most used apps in the world, all in a matter of weeks. It is a great new concept that takes people out of their homes and into the real world in order to find and capture Pokémon on their phones.

But while the game is heaps of fun, there are some real dangers that parents need to be aware of. Continue reading