Online Dangers you should be Aware of

Children are curious to try new things. They do not usually think through some decisions of their life, which can come back and haunt them for the rest of it.

Smartphones have become an accessory to our lives, and children are no exception to it. However, as a parent you need to be aware of all the real dangers that surround the use of such devices for online apps and websites.


Probably one of the most scarring things for a child, getting bullied online is worse than in the physical world, so you can imagine how horrible it can be. Bullies post humiliating photos and videos of children online, where they reach everyone within seconds, and a child’s life can be torn apart right away. Two children have been known to have taken their lives after being cyberbullied.

Sexual Solicitation

With at least 20 percent of teens having posted their nude photos online, it is a real threat for parents to consider that their children might be asked to do the same. Sexual predators have become common, and they pose as friendly figures for the children so that they are trusted easily – especially with growing popularity of such apps as Snapchat or KIK. Later, they may ask your child to start sending out nude pictures of themselves which takes your child’s future into dangerous territories.


Now your child may or may not be looking for such sites on their devices, but even if they aren’t, they are perfectly capable of being exposed to them. Pornographic content can pop up on various websites as advertisements, and that simply opens up a new world of excitement for your child.

The Precaution

As a parent, you are not wrong to worry about these things. The best way to control what content your child is exposed to is by using a phone monitoring app. Use this to make sure your child is interacting with the right people, and block out websites that are known to host questionable content.

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