Not So Widely Known Snapchat Tricks You Might Enjoy

There is hardly any messenger app today more popular than Snapchat. It is understandable, with all the funny effects and tricks its relentless creative designers continue adding to fascinate and surprise their users. As a result, using Snapchat turns regular communication into real art, and you can become anyone and add any effects to your liking for boosting your videos and photos to new edges of interest and popularity.

Some Useful Snapchat Spy Tricks

So, what does Snapchat functionality conceal from you? Which features might you enjoy if you knew about them? Here are some tricks to make its use more enjoyable:

  1. Choosing between two filters is often too hard. Why not use two instead? That’s all real – you may hold the screen with one finger and add two filters at once to a photo.
  2. Avoid someone too curious or jealous to play Snapchat spy tricks with you by using a two-step verification procedure. Such a measure will save you from unwilling spies and monitors of your Snapchat communication and activities.
  3. Do you have three Johns or five Marias in your contact list? Contacting the wrong person with a personal message may be embarrassing at times, so make sure you know clearly who is who! Go to the Hamburger menu at Snapchat and change the names of your contacts for you to distinguish between them much easier.

All these features may definitely make your life with Snapchat more fun and much more secure – enjoy!

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