Mobile Spyware Tips

The human factor as the main vulnerability of users of popular instant messengers for scammers


Popular text messengers constantly develop, implement, use and improve the latest means of protecting their audience from intruders. We are talking about such giants of the market as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and Telegram. But no matter how they tried to make their products 100% safe, it often succeeds in the context of a direct attack. Scammers have long and effectively used the ignorance of users to steal personal data through their stupid actions. Continue reading

How to protect your phone from hackers easily

how to protect your phone

The key question of phone safety threats is the ability to track the location of the device
and, accordingly, its owner, which leads to a number of inconveniences and dangers. So it may seem, if you pay attention to thematic discussions. That is, the person can identify the location for orientation in space, and advertisers can present the goods and services in this way. But what if access to this information is seized by third parties? This frightens everyone, especially in the context of using phones by children. Continue reading

The Possibilities of Hackers Invading Your Phone and its Implications

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As a mobile phone user, do you know that your phone is a soft target for hackers? Gone are the days when the bad boys used to target computers only because the mobile phone is the new pocket computer that gives them access to the most crucial information they need to fulfill their dirty agenda. On average, mobile users in a developed market like the US spends at least an hour of their daily life playing with their mobile phones. Continue reading

How to Track a Cell Phone?

track a cell phone

Since we live in a digital world, the desire to track a cell phone arises in the mind of every person at least once. The truth is that we all depend on our highly advanced Internet-enabled smartphones that make our lives much easier. We use them to communicate with friends and distant family members, take photographs, pay bills, organize our life, and do many other things. Continue reading

What you should know about Facebook Messenger spy app

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Why are people from all over the world interested in a reliable Facebook Messenger spy app? The answer is actually not surprising! Since Facebook Messenger is the most popular communication app existing today, the ability to spy on Facebook chat and messages is the best way to know the truth about your kids and loved ones. Continue reading

Online Safety for Children – Best Tips to Protect your Kids Online

online security for children

People today have started realizing all the potential security threats that loom over the internet, especially for young kids. All sorts of people have access to the internet, which means online criminals, cyber bullies, and predators are rampant in the online world. How does one then protect young children and ensure their safety while online? Here are a few tips to help you get started: Continue reading

What is Phishing and How to Protect Yourself From it

internet phishing

Phishing refers to fraudulent means of getting your hands on someone else’s personal or financial information by pretending to be someone else that you are actually not. Phishing scammers steals personal information like name, address, email address, login details and financial information like account numbers, credit card numbers, PIN codes and other relevant things. The ultimate goal of them is to steal victim’s identity or money. Continue reading