iPhone tracking software without jailbreaking: possible or not?

You will hardly find a person, who has never heard about iPhones and iPads. Apple is indeed one of the leading companies in the technology world. They design, develop, and sell just perfect mobile devices with a pretty secure iOS system. Most likely, you have come across many articles and reviews saying that it is impossible to use the iPhone tracking software without jailbreaking the device first. However, that’s not the case, especially when it comes to the latest apps developed to meet the needs of each and every customer. After all, to jailbreak the device is not always the best solution for a variety of reasons. First, jailbreaking may be quite difficult for many people, not to mention that it requires certain knowledge and some effort. Second, not everyone is ready to void the iDevice’s still ongoing warranty. Last but not least, you may simply want to somehow install the iPhone spy software without access to the phone. Hasten to assure you that now you can easily do it thanks to the cutting edge mobile tracking apps!

How to install iPhone spy software without access to the target phone?

This question is probably one of the most frequently asked. Since it has become possible to use the iPhone tracking software without jailbreaking the device first, remote installation is the number one feature people are looking for in spy apps. Luckily, several powerful trackers can fully satisfy these requirements. How does it work? In fact, the whole process is very easy and hassle-free. You simply need to know iCloud credentials of the smartphone or tablet you want to track. However, keep in mind that physical access may still be necessary if the iCloud backup is not activated on the iDevice. In all other cases, you can go through the installation process remotely in order to monitor another person’s activity without them knowing. Just log into your online control panel and start monitoring information you are interested in. To install iPhone spy software without access to the phone is now easier than ever before!

track iphone without jailbreak

Tracking app features that work on non-jailbroken iDevices

Although the set of monitoring features available for iDevices without jailbreak is a bit limited, if compared to those offered for jailbroken iPhones and iPads, you still have all the required tools to know the truth about your kid, spouse, or employee. For example, the iPhone spy software installed without access to the non-jailbroken phone or tablet can give you the ability to:

  • monitor call history and contact list;
  • view incoming and outgoing SMS and MMS;
  • read instant messages sent via iMessage and WhatsApp;
  • track Wi-Fi networks;
  • monitor website history;
  • view tasks, notes, and calendar activities;
  • control installed applications and programs.

As you can see, even if you don’t want or simply cannot jailbreak the iDevice, you still have a very good chance for tracking it. Moreover, you can even enjoy the iPhone spy software without access to the target phone. Just be careful when choosing an app, and you are guaranteed to find the one that suits your needs best!

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