How to Use Whatsapp Spy App on My Phone

Spyware tool lies at the core of the popularity of the android and iOS market of today. The softwares of this kind are able to track down nearly all communication and media applications that might be installed on the phone. The following is a brief and simplified tutorial on how to use a Whatsapp spy app on your phone.

First Step: Choose and Install

There are plenty of such spyware applications available in the online market, waiting to be downloaded, and most of them are even free. A quick and comprehensive Google search of the best applications may be the solution to the problem. Once you have handpicked your spyware of choice (for example MSpy), install it on at least two, or as we highly recommend, three, devices: first one is your own phone; this is for the convenience of gathering data and for protection of your own phone; second one is the phone in which tracking is to be done; this is necessary and assuredly, the application remains hidden on this phone; the third device should be your laptop or PC; this is to easily access and organize the data being received and to be able to monitor the location of your phone in case it gets stolen or lost.

Second Step: Launch

This cannot get any simpler. All Whatsapp spy applications need to be started at least once on all the devices. Having done this, you will be able to open the application on your laptop or mobile phone and receive information at will. The information also includes deleted messages on Whatsapp, including any media content and the details of the contact to which they were delivered.

Final Step: Don’t Cross Limits

Legally, you are not allowed to spy on someone just for the sake of curiosity or insecurity. The other person should be informed according to the law. Only parents may get away with monitoring their children through spyware applications. Remember this and track whatsapp happily and safely out of the jail.

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