How to Use Viber Spy App on My Phone

If you want to spy on Viber, you need a reliable spy app to do it. There are many spy apps available now and you should really be sure about the reliability of the app you want to use before downloading it.

What is Viber

Viber is a very useful app as it allows people from different parts of the planet connect in real time. You can use this app through Wi-Fi connection or data plan. Basically, this app allows you to make free voice calls and send free text messages. The calls are free as they do not make use of the call traffic allowance you have on your device. This means that if you have free 100 calls a month, that number will not be deducated when you use Viber to make a voice call.

Monitoring Viber Calls and Messages

Some people just need to monitor calls and text messages shared on different apps like Viber. With the right Viber spy app, you get the ability to really monitor regular text messages as well as see the logs of the received and made calls. Some apps just let you monitor messages; while more advanced apps like MSpy will even let you see the time stamps, dates and number for both calls and text from both parties.  This means you can also monitor what number calls and sends messages more.

What You Need to Do

Spy apps are new technology that is gaining popularity these days. Though there are lots of apps being introduced in the market today, only a few can actually be relied upon as only a few can actually work at monitoring Viber messages and calls. What you need to do is to find the most reliable Viber spy app there is, and the best way to do it is to read forums and reviews, and to search vigilantly.

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