How to protect your phone from hackers easily

The key question of phone safety threats is the ability to track the location of the device
and, accordingly, its owner, which leads to a number of inconveniences and dangers. So it may seem, if you pay attention to thematic discussions. That is, the person can identify the location for orientation in space, and advertisers can present the goods and services in this way. But what if access to this information is seized by third parties? This frightens everyone, especially in the context of using phones by children.
But this is not the only problem that poses a threat to the security of the user’s phone data. The more we transfer personal finance management to the mobile environment, the greater the risk of losing bank passwords, credit card data, and so on. Let’s look at a list of the simplest.


Most effective cell phone tips to protect themselves

Watch for apps that you install

protection-phoneIt is often difficult to see the difference between a reliable and dangerous app especially, if we talk not about frankly wrecking applications, but not protected from the intrusion. Even if you simply store, not use, such rubbish on the phone, it’ll create a threat of complete loss of data. Install only what you really need, and choose apps from trusted resources as sources only: iTunes, Android Market, Amazon. Here, the probability of a problem with the application is reduced to a minimum, as protection and verification from possible hazards are provided. Giants cherish their reputation. However, even there, do not forget to read the reviews and evaluate the rating. Yes, and you should not log into applications via social networks.

Never forget about passwords, be sophisticated

Every password in online is as strong as the password recovery question. Please note, if you do not install passwords, today your personal mail and other personal data from the phone can be read without difficulty, just by being near the phone. Spend half a minute of life to build your first security barrier.
Remember that passwords should not be insanely primitive. If you are afraid that you will not remember the password, it is better to tie it to a concept that you know well or keep on your mind every day.
It is also useful to protect phone with the newest protection systems: face recognition, fingerprint scanners etc. It’s even more reliable than passwords, but for now these technologies are not ideal. They are rather a problem now for lots of phone models.

Double and triple attention to questionable links (and indeed any tempting links)

Recent studies have shown an amazing statistic: it turns out that people open suspicious and undoubtedly wrecking links on the phone several times more often than on a computer. This is one of the classic ways to get access to the device by hackers. How so it turns out? On the computer, we somehow got used to, on our own and others’ experiences notice and ignore such deception. All the same, the problem does not live the first year. But on a small screen it’s harder to recognize for sure if the link represents a danger. And even hackers can adjust so that you accidentally click on the masked threat.
To prevent a threat, pay attention to absolutely all links that you receive via email, SMS or on social networks. So you can lose data.

Unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots are potentially dangerous

Assess your own actions when using the Internet in public places, for example, public catering. Here, access is available to all users around, which contributes to the possibility of data loss from your phone. It is advisable to limit the entry of credit card data and other important financial actions in this situation.

Trusted payment platforms only

Another one useful tip for mobile payments: if you’re going to save any “money” data on your phone, or make any payments, use standard payment services only. Trusted services don’t save your credit card data. Third party payment systems may be created to stole your data or they also can be unprotected for intrusion.

Protect the device with specialized tools

Whatever it was, the main enemy of security has always been and is the human factor. Most of the problems with protection come from ignorance or inattention. There is a reasonable dilemma. Do you need to keep yourself under the strictest control of 24/7 or give the opportunity to solve everyday problems to those tools that are not mistaken?

Yes, we are talking about defensive programs. In Android Market or Apple Store you will find a lot of proven and user-marked applications that will provide a barrier against unintentional downloading of viruses and block all the dubious traffic that is trying to leak through your phone. This is not 100% of a panacea for all “ills”, especially the latest tricks, but it helps a person to live calmer. We recommend starting with this step right now, if you do not use anything like that. We hope there sell phone tips was a useful information for you.
Be protected!

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