Check Your Wife’s iPhone Without Touching It

Everyone is very particular these days about who has access to their personal devices like their iPhones and laptops. iPhones, especially, have made themselves such an integral part of human lives that no one really likes anyone touching their smartphones. This is true for everyone, from children to girlfriends and wives.

Ways to Keep an Eye on your Wife’s Phone

Whatever reason you may have to keep a check on your wife’s iPhone, you should know there are two main ways which can allow you to do that without even touching the phone itself.

Spying Without Jailbreak:

The easiest way is to do this is to use a spy app that doesn’t require their iPhone to be jailbroken. That is the only way in which you don’t have to touch the phone even once and get the basic information you need. This works when you have the iCloud credentials of the phone you want to track. If iCloud syncing is turned on, then you will start to receive all the information being synced with the cloud to your own private account with the spy app you are using.

Spying With Jailbreak:

If you want more control over the information you get from your wife’s iPhone, then you might want to grab it for some time and make sure it’s jailbroken. While an iPhone with jailbreak gives you a plethora of added information, like access to gallery, browser history, GPS location etc. it does require you to access the phone physically at least once. You will need to install a spy app on the iPhone to be monitored, and then you can get whatever information you require without having to touch it anymore.
So, if you have been worried about something that your wife might have said or done, and are thinking that something is going on behind your back, then using a spy app could be a perfect way to know what it is.

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