Best & worst tablets for kids 2017

The tablet is an optimal tool for studying modern technologies world by kids, and also it is useful for general processes of cognition and child development. The mobile applications industry today offers a number of useful educational solutions and games that set the right vector of children’s perception of 21st century technologies and the development of cognitive functions in an easy and exciting way.
But not all tablets are equally useful. The tablet must comply with the requirements of parental control to give your kid correct educational information only, not any adult content (especially beyond your attention).

Fortunately, a number of tablets “for kids” are available today at the market, and it provides solutions for parental control and child use. The problem is that you cannot buy the first tablet from this category. This niche has its leaders, and its useless dummies (and even directly dangerous devices).

Let’s look at the most common models of the market in 2017 and determine for yourself what you can buy your child, and what better left on the shelf of the store.

What to buy?

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

Fire 7 Kids Edition is going to be the best kids tablet at the moment, but the newest 8-inch
model deserves more attention. The new device contains similar functionality and a 2-year warranty, but in addition receives a larger screen and a battery with a resource of 5 hours of active use. Among other advantages, experts noted improvement in brightness and better system performance.

Apple iPad

Apple is famous for the high level of security of its devices, so iPad’s place in this list is not a surprise. The only dilemma in choosing a model. Does the mini model seem optimal for the child? But why not offer the kid a full-featured 9.7-inch version of 2017? It is not only more functional, but will cost less for you, than iPad mini 4.

Amazon Fire Tablet

This is a very simple, reliable and popular solution, which will cost about 50 dollars. This 7-inch model will be an excellent educational center for the child with a complete block of protective means of parental control and a 2-year warranty.

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition

Amazon’s Fire 7 Kids Edition is a budget 49$-cost model created for playful and insecure children’s hands. This is a simple and hardy tablet with reliable physical protection from damage with an affordable educational 99 $ version. It features a 10,000-volume library of
educational books and videos specifically for kids.

Verizon GizmoTab

Verizon GizmoTab has LTE connectivity, so kids will be happy to stream videos and download games on it. It costs 80$ only with a 2-year contract, has 8-inch screen and rubber cover to protect from falls and hits. The children’s tariff plan includes 300 developing and educational applications. Fisher Price Learning Tablet A special device from the brand, engaged in the creation of educational toys for children. The basic version of the device includes 35 units of exclusive educational software, which are a full-fledged environment by children experts. 16 GB of memory for other needs is attached.

Lenovo Tab 4 8-inch & Lenovo Tab 4 10-inch

A pair of new tablets for children by Lenovo, which differs by screen size (8 inches and 10 inches respectively). For a small surcharge, additional protection is supplied to the devices: protection film for screen, rubberized lining and child account function. These tablets are very powerful from the technological point of view (especially in the children’s niche) and they have stereo sound, the perfect screening and powerful “stuffing” for any apps.

LeapFrog Epic

LeapFrog Epic is an interesting solution for kids, because it is based on Android system at the core and personal user interface with an interactive virtual world. Children can learn and customize it at their own discretion without difficulties. It is sufficiently heavy in weight, but optimal for children from 3 to 9 years.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8-inch

If you want to buy at the same time popular and useful model for your kid , you need to check Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8-inch. It has a large and bright, child-friendly screen, as well as a robust function to protect against inappropriate content. Its price is much higher than other positions on the list ($ 400), but the level of product realization is commensurately high.
At the same time, we will note further several models of children’s tablets, which should be avoided.

What not to buy?

Fuhu Nabi DreamTab

Fuhu is the one of the best developers of tablets for kids, but Fuhu Nabi DreamTab requires a number of improvements to provide you sense to buy it. The model is adequately implemented as a child device (reliable parental control, safe design, good performance), but the problems become obvious very quickly: a short time of work and a lot of useless software on board.

LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum

This is not the worst kid tablet ever, but it has huge lack of useful apps, disappoint in work time, a mediocre performance and a dim screen.

Kurio Xtreme 2

You can find better options if you decide to pay $ 100. The key factor of the device’s problem is insufficiently flexible means of parental control, where children can find loopholes intentionally or accidentally. Unsatisfactory performance and display quality put a cross on this kid tablet.

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