Top Whatsapp tracking apps 2019

Whatsapp is a great free online app, which allows to chat with someone and check messages from your phone – yet we see a
lot of people looking for Whatsapp spyware hacks in order to spy on other’s accounts and read chat history.

List of Great Whatsapp spy software

ScoreReviewOS SupportMoney Back24h SupportPriceDescription
StarReviewAndroid (all devices), iOS (no jailbreak required), Mac OS, Windows10 daysyes$29.
MSpy Whatsapp tracker works perfectly on both Android and iPhone devices. Messages log is accurate and full, with
no missed messages or delays.
StarReviewAndroid, BlackBerryNoNo$49.
Mobile Spy Whatsapp tracking functionality worked perfectly, however usability and design of this app can still be
significantly improved.
SaarReviewSymbian, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows MobileNoNo$49.
SpyBubble is known for its high-quality phone tracking tools, and recently implemented Whatsapp monitoring feature
also works good.

Spying on WhatsApp is the most important way to monitor the iPhone and Android phones and activities of someone. You can
easily spy on any device, be it mobile, tablet or laptop, if there is spyware app installed on it. In fact, these hacking
apps are able to monitor the data and get history of the information of any cellphone.


Spying tasks have become easier with the usage of these applications and it has become easy to conduct information monitoring
online through control panel. Remote access is feasible without the target person knowing and view texts, account contacts,
call logs, smartphone app is feasible through these monitoring applications. These online tracker apps are mainly used for
possible tracing boyfriend; girlfriend, children’s, spouse’s or into somebody else’s cell. When you use a WhatsApp spy, all
free WhatsApp conversations: chats, multimedia messages (images, videos, recordings) and new contacts are shared through
the device’s list of applications.

How may WhatsApp spy tracking help?

WhatsApp is widely used by people worldwide and it is the key reason to begin monitoring on the common platform to receive
the details about your personal relations. You can’t check your child’s gadget every time and it is not mandatory that you
will see every message out of it because they might delete it or hide it. When WhatsApp spyware is downloaded, with this
tool you will be able to become a real spy and read sms, even the deleted texts or images; which helps you to know the other
activities of your kids without even touching their phone. You need to be a best parent and know the behavior of your children
by not skipping out anything. WhatsApp spy monitoring is easy and the most important way of looking on all you need to know
about your them.

How does Spy apps work?

The hacking process with a spy app is very simple. Visit the official website of the tracker application company and look
out for various plans available. It is very simple as you only have to match your requirements with the given options. After
choosing the top appropriate plan (free or paid), see the most suitable spy app package and make payment. You will be given
your service login. One time access on the target device is required to install the spy app and once it is done properly,
it won’t show up its presence. Receive the monitoring solutions through these apps meant for cell and laptop app monitoring.

Choose the Best WhatsApp Spy App

We have consolidated a list of the Best WhatsApp spy Tracking Applications 2019. This list consists of 10 websites offering
effective WhatsApp spyware:


mSpy is a renowned spying website and gives you access of your kid or employee’s mobile. Whether it is WhatsApp tracking
or Viber, FB, email or any app monitoring, mSpy spyware company gives you the top services at competitive prices.
mSpy has the best features clubbed up under personal and professional tracing packages. Check the details on the official
website and choose the package matching your requirements. mSpy gives you user friendly full-term iPhone/Android monitoring


Flexispy top tracking application offers many features, which are required for WhatsApp spyware. These unique features are
designed to spy on someone’s else in a powerful way. The customer care is very helpful and plans offered are useful for personal
and professional usage. Read the information without letting the device owner know about it. Spy on WhatsApp to have appropriate
spying done on anyone’s account.


SpyBubble uses features for phone monitoring and people’s behavior on any devices are viewed by using this top spyware application.
Spying will immediately begin after the installation is complete. It records all information and reveals it on the control
panel having details enlisted while purchasing the package. You can even get sensitive information through these tracking
packages and intercept the whole chat data easily, which makes it a highly convenient WhatsApp spy app.

Highster Mobile

Highster tracker application has constructive iDevices and tablets solutions among many other WhatsApp spy apps. It also
helps in tracing other devices and smartphones, but its popularity lies with iPhones. Jailbreaking iDevices is mandatory
to download any kind of top mobile spying software. It is done very easily and after the process is done, the WhatsApp spyware
app needs to be downloaded on the target device to begin spying.


TheTruthSpy application will help in silent monitoring of smartphones and iDevices. The real data is monitored through the
best tools offered by TheTruthSpy and you can get top access to any device through tracking app, including sophisticated
WhatsApp spyware.


ISpyoo tracker is best WhatsApp conversation tracking app and getting somebody’s activities traced as soon as they happen.
Cellphone tracing is no longer a difficult task and this mobile application has made it quite easy to spy on the top activity


It is an app with combination of various spyware tools including a highly convenient WhatsApp spy app. Read sms of your employees,
partners or children with full proof. It is feasible to check the remote location and call, text or internet based data.


Mobistealth cellphone spy service provider gives top services for WhatsApp and other apps. It’s possible to hack into history
of every single activity with every detail enlisted in a best perfect way.


SpyEra application will help in monitoring your girlfriend/boyfriend or spouse to know your relationship status and getting
a best idea about their reality. It is good to trust your partner, but being blind can harm many times.


Copy9 spyware has best smartphones and iDevices results. It gives WhatsApp conversation top details with date, time and all
the messages or multimedia conversations derived via the use of a WhatsApp spy app. It is a helpful professional or personal
spying tool.