Top iPhone/iPad (iOS) tracking apps 2018

iPhone is a real phenomenon in the world of cell phones. This is actually one of the reasons explaining a huge demand for
iphone spyware apps – software for message monitoring and spying on the location of the target iOS device. However, in
most cases, spyware installation requires a jailbreak.

Best iPhone Spy Apps 2018

ScoreReviewOS SupportMoney Back24h SupportPriceSupported Devices
StarReview All 4+ Android devices, IOS (ios 6-8.4; 9.0-9.1 versions that can be jailbroken, ios 9.2-11 without jailbreak
only), MAC OS, Windows.
10 daysyes$29.
iPhone from ios 6-8.4; 9.0-9.1 versions that can be jailbroken, ios 9.2-11 without jailbreak only, iPod, iPad,
Android 4+ devices, MAC OS, Windows.Some features required Apple device to be jailbroken and Android device
to be rooted.
StarReviewAndroid, iOS, BlackBerryNoNo$49.
All iOS devices (from 3.1 to 8.1, MUST be jailbroken)
SaarReviewSymbian, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows MobileNoNo$49.
2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5S and 5C with operating systems 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, 6.x and 7.x, iPad WiFi, iPad 3G,
iPad 2 WiFi and iPad 2 3G having Operating System 4.x and 5.x (jailbreak needed!)

iPhone comes under the category of the most secured and sophisticated gadgets, which makes spying on it rather difficult.
Luckily, there are still several reliable tools that can help you with ease!


The best iPhone
spyware apps are available to download on the top iPhone versions, including 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, 6, and 6s; and they will
be available for the upcoming 7, 8…and so on versions. If you are a person caring for your kid, spouse, or partner, a reliable
spying software app will help you monitor their activities with ease. With such a tracking app, you will get access to all
call logs, SMS messages, IM texts, GPS location, browsing history, contact list, camera pictures, and many other monitoring
features you need, becoming able to spy on iPhone of your significant other.

How to Spy on iPhone?

iOS monitoring has never been easy; therefore, it requires only powerful cell phone spy tracking apps to enable an effective
iPhone spy and conduct efficient monitoring. To help you choose the right app for spyware for iPhone that suits your budget
and needs, we have created this list of the top spy solutions available online. So if you are looking for a powerful iPhone
spy application to download on the iPhone/iPad, the first thing you should know is that, in most cases, you will need to
jailbreak that device first to install spyware. This process is quite easy and doesn’t require much time and effort. Once
the device is cracked with spyware, and the chosen iPhone spy app is installed, spying begins immediately. Why do you need
it? iOS monitoring spyware is actually very helpful in getting all the logs of your child, husband, wife, or partner without
letting them know. Apart from this, spy applications can also be used for professional purposes in order to spy on disloyal
employees and to eliminate the chance of the company’s private information leakage to third parties.

List of Top-Notch Companies giving Best iPhone Spyware Solutions

Our spyware list is intended to help you make an informed decision regarding the selection of spyware for iPhone compatible
with iOS devices. The chosen apps are ranked on the basis of user feedbacks, testimonials, available functions, used technology,
pricing, and popularity among people.

Top iPhone Mobile Phone Tracking Applications – fast reviews!


mSpy tracking app offers preeminent monitoring solutions for iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, and 6. You are guaranteed to like this
company’s approach to spying largely due to the set of features and used technology. No wonder that for today, the mSpy spyware
for iPhone is widely used by over a million people from all over the world. Moreover, although most of its features require
jailbreaking the target phone with a spy app, this software can also spy on a non-jailbroken iDevice. Just download the mSpy
spy application and enjoy the amazing results.


Flexispy software comes with a 10-day money back guarantee and offers an excellent feature set. It allows its users to read
emails and texts, view call logs and browsing history, access IM details, GPS location, camera pictures, and much more. The
FlexiSpy app is a highly reliable tracker that can become a worthy choice.


SpyBubble software app is another good spying option that can be installed on almost any smartphone or tablet. SpyBubble
is actually one of the best spyware apps that won’t let you miss out anything from the target iOS device. Remote monitoring
has also become much easier with the SpyBubble tracker.


Spyera app offers reliable iPhone tracking capabilities for any need. Its spying features are based on the special technology
that allows monitoring any activity or details hidden by your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse (wife/husband) on their iOS
7 and 8 devices. The most pleasant thing is that you can do it absolutely secretly, as the Spyera tracker works on the cell
phone in a stealth mode.


This application also provides excellent iPhone tracking results. The software packages include different features, the collaboration
of which gives perfect spyware solutions without missing out anything. iOS spying has truly become much easier thanks to
the iSpyoo tracker. However, don’t forget to jailbreak the target device before installing this app on it.


Reveal all the truth about your relationships or kids by downloading the TheTruthSpy tracking application on the target iPhone!
This popular tracker can satisfy most of your needs. Moreover, it is a must-have in case you want to monitor your underage
kids. After all, children can easily get into trouble, so keeping an eye on their SMS messages and online activity is a smart
solution indeed. Besides, the TheTruthSpy software app can provide you with all the information you need even without their

Highster Mobile

The services offered by the Highster Mobile iPhone tracker are excellent, but this application is compatible with a limited
number of devices. So don’t forget to check the compatibility before you purchase this monitoring app. Anyway, the Highster
tracker is still a good spyware solution.


MobileSpy application is one of the most effective solutions designed for iOS devices and other cell phones. This tracker
offers several packages with different features so that everyone could choose something to their liking. The prices are competitive,
and the customer support is rather good. The MobileSpy application is definitely a worthy choice for iPhone tracking.


Get access to another person’s secrets with this powerful iPhone tracker that provides all the basic functions for remote
spying! Please note that this application can be installed on only jailbroken devices. Once the jailbreak is complete, check
the iPhone spyware packages offered by MobiStealth and find the one that suits your needs best.


The PhoneSheriff spyware can provide you with all of the details gathered from the target iPhone. So if you want to know
the truth about your children, spouse, or employees, the PhoneSheriff spying app will help you with that.