Top Android Spy Apps 2019

Expertise guaranteed: learn how to identify the best spy app for smartphones and how to spy on Android devices remotely.

Compare table for choosing best Android spy app:

ScoreReviewOS SupportMoney Back24h SupportPriceDescription
StarReviewAndroid (all devices), iOS (no jailbreak required), Mac OS, Windows10 daysyes$29.
MSpy worked perfectly on every tested Android phone and tablet, on all Android versions higher than 4. ROOT isn’t
StarReviewAndroid, iOS, BlackBerryNoNo$49.
Has great perfomance on most Android devices and versions. Several bugs were reported after using this app on latest
Nexus devices with Android 5.
StarReviewSymbian, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows MobileNoNo$49.
SpyBubble is compatible with all Android versions, but works unstable on HTC One M8. According to the company, patch
will be released soon.


Everything you need to know about spyware for Android

Is it easy to recover after cheating? Psychologically? Not that simple. Hurt feelings, compromised dignity, broken heart – no one wants to make the same mistake again. That’s why a lot of people turn to spy apps when they start new relationships.
In general, the reasons to check someone’s honesty might be different. In this piece, we’ll delve into spy apps usability and cover mainly Android spy software.

What is Android spy app

android-spy-apps-track-any-online-activityKris has been seeing Bern for six months. She was confident about them until she saw him flirting with her girlfriends. The woman has had that thought that often comes to female partners after disaster relationships: what if this one was seeing with someone else? What if…

She googled “how to spy on boyfriend secretly,” and the search machine gave her the links to spy apps. Since both use Android devices, the next step was to find out about a spy app for Android. This is how she stumbled on spyware for Android for the first time.

Spy application or spyware is the software installed on the other person’s device without him or her knowing about it. A spy app records any activity that a user does on their device. It delivers the gathered information to the app’s Control Panel or Dashboard. This is the place where users read what other people do with their smartphones.


What exactly can I get to know

Spyware for Android has features designed to meet different “monitoring needs”. Here are the most prominent ones:
• The GPS location tracking:
Customers can view any place their significant other visited. Moreover, it’s possible to see when exactly they’ve been there. The feature goes with precise GPS coordinates.

• Calls and text messages monitoring:
Apps allow to view call logs and text messages. That way, any conversation becomes visible. Furthermore, if the person from another side is put into the phone book or contact list, they can be blocked as well.

• Instant messengers monitoring:
Do WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger sound familiar to you? These messengers might be monitored too. Users can also read chats from Instagram and Snapchat Direct, Viber, Telegram and other popular ones.

• Installed applications:
Users can see every single app set up on the target device. That way, dating apps bring insights the most. Some spyware allow blocking installed apps.

• Online activity monitoring:
Do you wonder what sites is your partner or teen son visiting? Spy software helps out. It shows visited sites, platforms, social media, and even web searches.

• Keylogger:
Would you like to know what another person types on their keyboard? You can actually view texts, when and where they were written. Also, it’s possible to see people beyond chats.

The number of features is not limited to this list. Users can also find the ambient recording (recording device’s surroundings), calls recording, SMS commands with blocking, camera bug (making the phone’s cam take pictures for you), etc. Among such a variety of options, it’s crucial to decide why you need a spy app for Android.

What Android spy app is for?

First and foremost, spy app for Android is designed to solve people’s problems. These are:

• “I want to protect my kids online. That’s why I keep an eye on what he’s doing on the Internet.”
• “I want to be aware of where my dad is. He has dementia and I just want to make sure he is ok.”
• “I want to find out where my child hangs out after school.”
• “I want to know if my husband has a profile on a dating site.”
• “I want to check if my boyfriend is seeing with his ex.”
• “I want to follow my son who’s after the wilderness therapy.”
• “I want to follow my dog.”

By the way, although a spy app for Android has the GPS location tracking, it doesn’t track animals’ location. The installation on the phone is a must.

We’ll scratch the scope of issues where to spy for someone’s behalf makes sense.

Android spy app for parents

• Cyberbullying:
It is more a parental concern. This year, 13 million children will be cyberbullied according to the Megan Meier Foundation. Parents can significantly reduce the exposure to such risk by monitoring and regulating online activity.

• Unsafe web challenges:
Their representatives recruit vulnerable kids via social media. They encourage to practice dangerous activities and meanwhile film them. The last assignment is committing suicide.

• Online predators:
There are 750 000 officially recognized online predators in the United States. They hunt for kids and draw their attention with fake profiles. Some lure to meet in person; others satisfy with unhealthy online interaction.

Android spy app for adults

• Cheating:
These apps translate if someone is unfaithful to their partner. In the pink of ethical battles, the problem still exists. And it does hurt people. So, the compromising material just confirms or denies suspicions. They do not trigger them.

• Employees monitoring:
It’s forbidden to spy for any reason at work. On the other hand, monitoring is approved by the law. Executives, managers can monitor what workers do with the corporate property.

• Monitoring in particular cases:
Parents might want to keep tabs on their teenagers after corrective therapies or in case of mental illnesses.

Children of elderly parents can check on them remotely to make sure they relocate safely. It’s especially helpful when parents have memory loss or some other severe memory-related problems.

How can I spy on Android?

There are about 2 billion Android users according to Google’s recent announcement. The good news is that all of them can use spyware for Android or be monitored by ones.

We’ll describe the generalized procedure of how to spy on Android.
1. Purchase the application on its official site.
2. Install it on the target device (more detailed explanation in the chapter below).
3. Get started by accessing an online account within the service (the place where the data from the device is being stored).
4. From the online account (some apps contain a control panel there right after logging into it), start viewing the necessary information.
5. Use settings if necessary (e.g., set up intervals for updates, connection methods).

How to install a spy app for Android?

There are three easy steps to install spyware for Android devices:

1. Registering an account within the app’s service.

During the registration, you indicate your user’s information, including an email address. After the payment, check your inbox. Usually, service sends welcome letters with the link to your personal account.

What can I do with my personal account? When accessing it, you see the Control Panel or Dashboard. It shows the list of features that the app provides. From there, you can even regulate how another person uses their phone.

You can focus on the feature you need particularly. For example, if it’s geo-fences, you click on it and view forbidden and allowed locations to cross. Also, you can track timestamps and see the places on a Google map.

Your account shows the details of the subscription and the target device information. Different spyware for Android adds some extra options related to customer support and target device management.

2. Installing spyware for Android on a target device.

Before regarding the option of using spyware, make sure a target device meets the app’s compatibility requirements. For example, if a target device runs on Android 5.1.1. and the service claims to operate on Android 6+, you’ll probably face troubles when using it.

How can I know the compatibility requirements? There are three options for you to find out about the compatibility:

• Help section: they tell you how to check the version;
• FAQ section: they provide the relevant answer;
• Search Box: the service allows you to check your particular case.

To use certain spy features, Android devices have to be rooted.
What is rooting?
Let’s suppose you’re living in a rental house. You’re allowed to connect a light bulb and paint walls. You can affirm it’s your house. But de facto, it is still the property of the legal owner.

Thus, you’re not allowed to make significant modifications such as building walls between rooms or demolishing support walls. Now it’s your phone. And you want to get the owners’ rights to make modifications that you wish.

Rooting means gaining root access or privileged control over the device’s operating system. As a result, Android owners can install applications which are not authorized by Google and other official online stores.

Is it safe for my device?
Rooting allows users to get around restrictions imposed by manufacturers. They can customize their phones, uninstall unwanted apps and set up new ones.

However, rooting makes a device more vulnerable and exposed to viruses and malware. The latter is rather probable in the business environment. It puts the data at risk, namely emails, contact lists, and credentials.

3. Getting started.

Every time when you need to verify specific information, you go to a place online where the data from a target device is being delivered. Commonly, it is an online account that contains a panel or dashboard.

You click the feature you want to check and get the information respectively. You make settings to customize updates to your pace.

Can I spy on an Android cell phone without access to it?

You can spy on an Android cell phone remotely. But it should not be confused with the installation process. You’ll need physical access to set up an application.

Once the installation is done, you decide to leave the icon or not on the home screen. Sometimes, the manufacturers of spyware for Android recommend leaving it if the app is used for parental supervision. The next step is to access the account from any device (PC, laptop, smartphone) and start monitoring. No physical access is required.

What are the most useful tips to choose the best Android spy software?

Here are the top eight most effective tips for you to pick the most prominent spyware for Android:

1. Be clear about your need.

Most spyware for Android have more than 30 monitoring features. The more an app is stuffed, the more it is expensive. So, determine precisely your need and find a convenient package.

For example, you need to check the GPS location. The Basic package allows you to verify someone’s whereabouts. There’s no need to buy Premium. But if you want to expand your opportunities and get more features, upgrade to Premium.

2. Pick the app that doesn’t break your bank account.

Before purchasing the app, examine price options. Most apps have a flexible price policy. They provide different subscription plans and allow planning the budget.

Ordinarily, there are three types of subscription. For example, a mother can pick a 3-month subscription plan of the Basic package to check on her teen son remotely. Meanwhile, she doesn’t expense too much.

3. Learn everything about spyware for Android.

Read reviews, find pros and cons to get the whole idea. For the record, there are always satisfied and unsatisfied customers. The purpose is not to get you away from using the app but to give you some clue about this kind of software.

4. Examine the way they process your data.

Do you know that the information delivered to the Control Panel must be visible only to you? Even the service’s staff cannot read it. It is being accomplished thanks to the encryption. Find out if the service you choose uses this approach.

Learn if the company’s policy complies with the GDPR guidelines. It is the European law that audits how companies process and store the customers’ data.

5. Find out how responsive the customer care is.

Support speaks volume. Is it client-oriented? You’re having an urgent issue. Are you going to be alone with it? Or, they get back to you shortly right after your request? Test this out beforehand.

6. Examine the site in the light of clarity.

If the content there is ambiguous and controversial, they do not take you seriously. Read the material on pathway pages. If you stumble upon mistakes, incorrect language – this app must have been crafted somewhere in the garage by amateurs.

You’d say Steve Jobs started his company in the garage. However, the company has never confused customers.

7. Have a look at the demo version.

The demo will show you how it works. You’ll see an interface and buttons. What if you don’t like colors and your mood depends on it? In a nutshell, make sure the demo version is clear and easy for your comprehension.

8. Test it out with a trial option.
It will definitely tell you if spyware for Android is a good fit for you. You’ll see how features work with your own eyes. You’ll decide whether you still want to continue the experience with a particular app.


Spy apps by nature are not a simple technology that records information. It is an assistive tool, a reliable partner in people’s everyday lives. They are information-providers and problem-solvers in particular life situations. They are the only which are entirely honest with users. Thus, before using turning to spyware for Android, make sure you find these characteristics.