Advanced Parental Control Apps for your Teen’s Cell Phone

Teenage is the time of life when children learn the most, while also making many mistakes. Every parent would agree that this is the hardest time of their child’s life for them to handle. This is because teenagers want to try everything new, without a concern for their safety.

Smartphones Taking Charge

The teens of these days are completely invested in their smartphones. Most cannot even imaging a life without the use of their devices. They use these to keep in contact with their friends, check their social feeds, and do all sorts of other things.

The problem is that there are increasing dangers that come with the use of cell phones. So many apps, like Snapchat, kik and others, can promote teens to indulge themselves in sexting while other apps like Facebook can open up their private world to the eyes of online predators.

Keep an Eye Out for their Safety

Parents know that they can’t just tell their teens not to use their phones. They cannot confiscate their devices without inciting fits of rage in their children and driving them away. So the most effective way to keep an eye out for them is the use of advanced parental control apps.

These apps are advanced versions of the usual spy apps. Other than letting you monitor your teen’s calls, messages, contacts, emails, and location, even keep track on KIK and other popular messengers, these apps go a step ahead and introduce parental control features. These include the ability to block access to certain websites that you’re afraid might be harmful for your teen, as well as blocking certain apps on their phones. You can even turn your teen’s phone into a listening device, like a bug, and know what exactly is happening around them when they are not home. All of these features are more than enough for any parent who wants to keep their children out of danger and away from activities like sexting.

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