9 best hidden features of Snapchat you need to notice right now

Fans of Snapchat use the application for a very large period of time per day, which is confirmed by real statistics. It would seem that the application is very simple in its essence. On the one hand, it was all planned, but even Snapchat has some interesting hidden features that you can try right now to diversify the everyday presence.

Travel mode is the tool for data saving

Do you want to drastically reduce the use of mobile Internet, if the monthly package comes to an end too quickly? You may significantly reduce the data consumption, which absorbs Snapchat. To do this, choose “Manage” option in settings and activate then “Travel mode” to limit data consumption.

For lovers of birthdays

If you can’t wait to your birthday, you can bring bright notes to this holiday with the help of Snapchat. Set your birthday date in “Settings” and wait for bright and pleasant congratulations from the app on your own day of year. And also “Birthday Party” feature will provide cake picture to your profile for these 24 hours. Your friends will get a nice reminder. There’s also some extra filters will be available for your birthday only.

What’s the weather outside?

There’s a weather filter in Snapchat that we use, but it also has one more useful weather feature. After making a photo or video, you need to swipe the screen and see the weather filter, which can show Celsius and Fahrenheit indicator of current situation in the street. If you tap it once, it’ll show you 5-hour weather forecast, if you tap twice, you’ll see 3-day one. 3rd tap will make a change between the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales.

Voice messages

You can record any calls through the chat at Snapchat, but there’s also an option to leave multimedia message if your addressee don’t answer you. Just click and hold phone icon in a usual way to start recording. When it’s ready, remove hand out and send. If you want to rerecord the message, slide the finger down to deleting cross and repeat the procedure. Video message is also available but it has no sense due to app’s concept in comparison to standard video recordings.

Emoji as a personal friend’s face

You can bind emoji to specific people with whom you often communicate. Those who often visit your profile receive colored hearts’ marks. That is, there are standard settings for friends, along with the ability to choose a picture for each friend.
Go to:
Settings – Manage – Additional Services – Friend Emojis

Connect with Shazam

Some time ago Shazam app was the one and only key service to discover songs you heart on radio but don’t know anything about it. Today the popularity of the application has dropped, but it is added now into Snapchat to help us find tunes without leaving the service. Go to camera screen, tap and hold the screen, and Shazam will start its work when there’s a song. Then you may share the answer with friends quickly, without extra actions.

Use 2 filters at the same time

Do you want to add more than one filter to your photo? You don’t need to choose between them, because one simple trick will save you. Hold the screen with with one finger, and scroll left and right on the list of filters with your other finger. So you can create a blending effect this way.

Change the video playback

Recently, a new function has been added to manipulate the recorded video. And lots of users don’t know about it now. This is a kind of filter: record the video and drag the edge of screen to display it and make your choice. At the moment, you have three options for manipulating with video recordings:
Snail – slow playback;
Rabbit – accelerated playback mode;
Back arrows – play video backwards.

Turn off the sound in video

If you want to record video without sound, it’s possible. What for? For example, if the audio for video is optional, and there is something noisy on the background. To remove the sound from the video, first record it in the usual way, and then click the microphone icon on the left side of the screen once to turn the wave icon into a cross. More interesting things you can also find here:

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