Our Top Three Phone Tracker Apps

Compatible with iOS 6+
Spy on Snapchat, Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, Telegram...
Tracking GPS location
Tracking SMS
Monitor calls and contact list
Tracking Internet activity
Compatible with iOS 7+
Monitor communication apps
GPS tracking
Track text messages
Track call logs
Track Internet usage
Compatible with iOS 7+
Tracking social networks
Tracking GPS location
Tracking sent / received SMS
Monitor all e-mails
Monitor Internet activities

1. mSpy

mSpy ranks as the top phone tracker app out there. With mostly positive reviews from IBM, Forbes, and Fox2Now, the app offers unmatchable features and functionality. With the app, you can view incoming and outgoing calls, sent and received messages, GPS locations, social media chats on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

mSpy is a free phone tracker with an option for a paid subscription that offers advanced features. The app works in the background, so you don’t have to bother about being discovered by the target person. Whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, or Android, mSpy is compatible with any device.


●  You can access all data information gathered by the app on a safe, secure dashboard.

●  The app allows for remote monitoring, leaving no trace of tracking activity.

●  mSpy has responsive customer support available 24/7.

●  App subscription is affordable compared to similar software.

2. Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is an undetectable cell phone spyware. The app lets you keep an eye on your target person’s text messages, phone calls, chats, GPS location, media files, and social media activity.

You get full access to incoming and outgoing calls, including the contact name, call duration, and timestamps. Also accessible to you are the contacts saved on the target phone. The spyware also lets you see the phone’s website history, Google searches, and emails exchanged.


●  The software has a keystroke feature that captures every word the target types on the phone keyboard.

●  Safe and secure Control Panel where you can access all information.

●  24/7 customer support and assistance.

3. The Spybubble

The Spybubble is another incredible phone monitoring software, compatible with both iOS and Android devices. You can track popular messengers like Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Another exciting feature is the GPS location tracking that allows you to monitor the target’s whereabouts at any point in time.

The Geofencing feature lets you set virtual boundaries for your kids. You get alerted by the app when your kid goes beyond the set boundaries. The Spybubble also allows you to spy on phone calls and track all text messages.


●  The Spybubble is easily accessible from any type of browser.

●  You get free online help during the first installation.

●  Over 25 amazing features to enjoy.

●  100% safe and secure.

What Are Phone Tracker Apps?

Have you ever needed to track a person’s phone? Many a time, you can’t tell until the need arises. What do you do when you begin to have a grave suspicion that your partner is cheating on you? Or how do you keep your kids safe from online bullies and predators? Or do you suspect your employees leaking company secrets to competitors?

In order to take control of these situations, the best option would be to track their mobile phones. You would want to monitor their phone calls, messages, browser history, and social media activity. Yet, you want to do all of these without being caught. How do you go about it?

Your best bet is to use a phone tracker app. Tracking cell phones these days has been made easier by the advent of phone tracking apps. These trackers give you access to the target user’s call logs, SMS/MMS, messenger chats, social media activity, and media files.

A cell phone spy tracker also lets you monitor the places the target visits using the GPS Location feature. Some even allow you to create virtual fences for your kids. That way, you can follow where they go.

While there’s an array of phone tracker apps out there, there are some features typical of most phone tracker apps:

Ease of Use

Phone trackers are designed by developers to be extremely user-friendly. You can easily use your designated web-based Control Panel to access all information you need. The apps collect data from the target phone and present them in a way you can easily use.

Easy Installation

For many tracking apps, installation is entirely seamless. Once you register and make a purchase, you get an email with a download link and guide. Once the installation is complete, the app deletes every trace of the downloaded file. You can begin to track immediately after.

Remote Monitoring

To successfully spy on another person, you need undetectable spyware. That’s what phone tracker apps give to you precisely. They work in stealth mode, completely shielding your monitoring activity on the phone.

Versatile Tracking

Phone trackers are remarkable for the many features they come with. Whether it’s the social media activity or the GPS locations of a target person you want to monitor, you can depend on these apps. Free cell phone trackers offer a variety of basic features, while paid apps usually have advanced features that meet all your tracking needs.

Cell Phone Spyware and Cell Phone Trackers: How Do They Work?

Cell phone trackers is a software that tracks the activity of a mobile phone. When installed on the target phone, the software captures and records the device’s data. They provide a better alternative to hacking as a means of gaining access to someone else’s phone. Remote spyware works in a stealth mode, allowing you to monitor a device without being caught.

Spyware software is basically the same thing as a phone tracker app. They both offer the same functionalities and serve similar purposes. How does a cell phone spyware or tracker work?

Tracking Mobile Devices

Phone tracker apps follow a unique set of rules in gathering information from a mobile device. Once the app is installed, it immediately begins to collect data on the target phone’s activity. The software sends these pieces of information to the spy company’s servers.

When you log in to your Control Panel, you can access all the relevant information you need. However, there are requirements needed for the app to function without glitches. One, the target phone and its operating system (OS) must be compatible with the spy software you’re installing. Two, the target phone should be connected to the Internet.


Do I Need Physical Access to the Target Phone to Monitor It?

The only time you’d ever need access to the target phone is during installation. After that, you can easily monitor the phone from a remote location. Cell phone spyware collects all the data you need and delivers it to your safe and secure Control Panel – accessible from anywhere. Some iPhone spyware doesn’t require physical access to the device for installation. All you need is the target’s iCloud login credentials, and you’re good to go.

Will the Target User Know the Phone Is Being Monitored?

Absolutely not! Phone tracker apps work in the background or stealth mode. The phone user will have no idea their phone is being monitored. So you can track the phone activity without the fear of being discovered.

Does the Target iPhone Need to Be Jailbroken?

Jailbreaking an iOS refers to removing the restrictions on third-party app installations placed by Apple. With those restrictions in place, installing apps not verified by Apple is merely impossible. So for phone tracking apps, except mSpy, jailbreaking the iPhone is compulsory.

Is It Legal to Use Tracking Apps?

It’s important to categorically say that spying on another person’s phone is legal but has some limitations. To legally install a spy app on the phone, you have to be the rightful owner of the device or obtain consent from the person you intend to monitor. For minors, you can install the app on their devices since you exercise legal rights over them. If you want to monitor your employees, you must inform them that their phones have phone spyware.

Is It Possible to Track Two or More Mobile Devices at the Same Time?

Every tracking app has different subscription plans. Some plans let you monitor one device at a time. Others can allow you to track up to three mobile phones on the go. So the answer to this question depends on the software you’re buying and the package you subscribe to.