The Complete Cell Phone Tracker Guide

Are you looking for the best cell phone tracker? It’s difficult to choose the one app as there are so many of them. We conducted thorough research and shared all our findings in this cell phone tracker guide!

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Best Cell Phone Tracker Apps in 2020

RankSoftwareScoreReviewOS SupportMoney Back24h SupportPriceDescription
1 mspymSpyStarReview mSpy supports all Android devices running Android 4+ and iOS 7 till the latest. Some features of mSpy require rooting target Android device. 10 daysyes$29.99mSpy is the best monitoring solution available. It is compatible with all Android and iOS devices providing easy setup on any mobile phone. As for the extended functionality, the price of mSpy is surprisingly low. Read more
2 mobile spy Mobile SpyStarReviewMobile Spy works on almost all mobiles devices running Android and iOS.NoNo$49.97Mobile Spy is another useful app that has all the essential features for real-time tracking. Well-designed and easy to use – this cell phone tracker may be your best bet. Read more
3 spybubble SpyBubbleStarReviewSpyBubble supports two primary OS – Android and iOS.NoNo$49.95SpyBubble is one of the best cell phone trackers for monitoring online activity on Android and iOS devices. The app offers more than 25 features. Read more

What Is Mobile Tracking Software?

To answer this question, we analyzed all the tracking apps on the Internet. Some of them proved useful, while some didn't perform as well as expected. So, in this article, we will tell you a little more about cell phone tracking software.

Mobile tracking software is the monitoring app that traces someone’s location and logs online activity on the device. Any tracking app needs to be installed on the device you want to monitor. After it’s installed and set up, the app starts logging the activity. Usually, mobile tracking software captures text messages, calls and allows you to see contacts list, read e-mails and track GPS location.

Of course, each software developer offers different functionality. But, the main features include:

Most of the cell phone tracking apps available now provide the features noted above. But, if you want to track someone’s WhatsApp, you will need to look for software that offers more expanded functionality.

You also need to know that not every app is undetectable. Some of the most powerful phone tracking apps, such as mSpy, can't be discovered and stopped by antivirus. But, antivirus sometimes interrupts the work of some not very good cell phone trackers, which is a massive disappointment for those who bought the subscription.

That's why it's essential to check what benefits the app provides before purchasing the software. Nevertheless, some slight details may be left undisclosed. In this in-depth review, we looked at the most popular cell phone tracking apps to help you choose a phone tracking software that meets all your requirements. We listed the pros and cons of each of the brands, so the strong and weak sides of the apps will be clear for you.

Top 10 Cell Phone Tracker Solutions For You

1. mSpy (the best WhatsApp tracking app)

The mSpy software has been here for their users for more than ten years. If such experience doesn't tell you about the app's reputation, let's talk about why mSpy is your best choice.

The mSpy app is compatible with all Android and iOS devices. It runs smoothly on both rooted and unrooted Android mobile phones and tablets. The app doesn't require jailbreak, so you can use it to track the non-jailbroken iPhone or iPad. 

mSpy is a good value for money. For the price you pay for the Basic subscription, you get around-the-clock customer support, help with installation and setup of the app, not mentioning the pretty decent package of monitoring features. Here are some pros and cons of the mSpy cell phone tracker.



2. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy is another brilliant cell phone tracking app that allows you to monitor text messages, calls and much more. FlexiSpy offers you an option, which’s called Direct Device Delivery. They basically can deliver a smartphone to your door with the FlexiSpy app already installed. But this option will cost you additional money.

Particularly noteworthy is the FlexiSpy blog, which is often updated with important announcements. If you have troubles with installing and setting up the phone tracking software, you can always explore their library of videos to watch how it's done.

FlexiSpy allows you to deactivate and uninstall the cell phone tracker remotely if you don’t like it. The app offers a Premium feature set, which is a bit on the pricey side.



3. SpyBubble

SpyBubble is a phone tracking software that offers products for iPhone and Android tracking. The SpyBubble software is an innovative monitoring solution, which captures all activity logs, including links to YouTube videos the target user watches. 

SpyBubble is very good at IMs tracking. This app will be the right choice if you want to read someone's WhatsApp or Instagram messages. Here are some pros and cons of the app. 



4. SpyEra

From first sight, SpyEra impresses the users by its simple yet very descriptive interface. SpyEra provides undetectable monitoring software, which can track someone’s online activity on mobile phones, tablets and personal computers. 

Apart from its products for Android and iPhone tracking, SpyEra offers Keylogger. This software captures keystrokes and saves them to your personal space. There you can check them and find out what your target person types on their smartphone.



5. TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy promises that you can start spying on any phone within 5 minutes, but is it true? The phone tracking software is indeed easy to use. It allows you to find the phone in case it’s lost. But you can only do it if the device is turned on.

Among the different features provided by TheTruthSpy, the call recorder stands out. It can record the calls on the target device so that you can listen to the whole conversation in your free Control Panel. 



6. Xnspy

With surroundings and calls recording, Xnspy is the great value for money. This cell phone tracker allows you to wipe the phone’s memory remotely, in case it’s lost or stolen. You can also lock the phone distantly to prevent anyone from stealing the valuable data.

Xnspy can take a screenshot on the target device in the real-time, so you can find out what the target person is doing at the moment. But, this feature is only available for rooted Android devices.



7. Spyzie

Spyzie is ranked high in almost all phone tracking software lists. We gave this app a try and found out that it indeed works fine. Spyzie captures a lot of data on the target device. You can see someone’s photos, documents, video previews, texts and listen to voices.

The Spyzie cell phone tracker also shows you activity on every app installed on the target device. So you can find out what apps the targer person uses the most. If you intend to monitor your kid's smartphone with Spyzie, you will definitely enjoy the screen time management feature.



8. Hoverwatch

With its beautiful and user-friendly interface, Hoverwatch looks like a reliable tracking app. Hoverwatch includes a perfect combination of features for Android and iPhone tracking. 

Except, providing software for mobile devices tracking, Hoverwatch makes it possible to use keylogger feature on your Windows and Mac computers. Hoverwatch also has installation video guides that help you to get the software on the device you want to monitor.



9. Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is the cell phone tracking software for Android and iOS phones and tablets. Highster Mobile intercepts text messages, both sent and received. It also tracks the GPS location of the target device.

Highster Mobile supports most of the Android devices, including Samsung, Google Pixel, LG, Motorola and other mobile phones. But, make sure to check the compatibility of your device model before purchasing the software.



10. Mobile Spy

MobileSpy tracker is the last but by no means least cell phone tracking solution. Simple interface and compatibility with almost any Android and iOS device make the MobileSpy software one of the best products for monitoring.

The app covers all possible features and allows you to monitor instant messengers, such as WhatsApp, Snapchat and Viber. Launched many years ago, MobileSpy still keeps impressing existing users with updates and attracting new clients.



Cell Phone Tracking FAQs: What You Need To Know

We researched top spy apps on the Internet and contacted their Customer Support to present you with correct answers and help choose your best cell phone tracker!

How to track an iPhone by phone number? Is it true?

There is no working solution that would help you track an iPhone by phone number. So, if you see the website that promises you to track an iPhone by its number, this site is probably a scam.

The only way to track an iPhone is to use cell phone tracking app. Apps, like mSpy, don’t require installation on iOS devices, so you’ll be able to track it right after the setup.

How to track a cell phone location without installing software?

To track a cell phone location without installing software, you can use apps like Find My for iOS- and Find My Device for Android-powered devices. If you want to track a GPS location using cell phone tracker, you will need to install it on the device.

How to track an iPhone without them knowing?

Modern cell phone trackers work in a stealth mode. It means that the target person can't detect the software. To track someone's iPhone, you only need to set up the app remotely. Then you will be able to check the activity logs from your web-based Control Panel. The target person won’t detect the software, as there will be no file on the device.

How to track a cell phone location without them knowing FOR FREE? Is it working?

You can indeed track a cell phone location for free by using phone tracking software. A lot of apps offer a free trial period, so you can decide whether the software meets your needs or not. Of course, after the trial, you'll have to pay for the product to receive prompt updates on the activity logs.

How to track a car with a cell phone tracker app? What's the difference between GPS tracker apps?

To track a car with a cell phone tracker app, you need to make sure that the target device is inside the vehicle. You still need to install the phone tracking software on the target cell phone beforehand. Then you can track the location from your web-based Panel. The difference between GPS tracker apps is that each app has its own price and individual set of additional features.

How to find someone’s location using their cell phone number?

There is no possibility to find someone’s location using the cell phone number only. You will need to install the cell phone tracking software on the target device or use the pre-installed apps, such as Find My for iOS and Find My Device for Android phones. You can check someone’s location from your personal Control Panel. The location of the target person will be pinpointed on the map.

How to track a cell phone location without installing software?

If you don’t want to install any software on the target phone, you can track its location using programs like Find My Device for Android and Find My for iOS devices. But, the person needs to accept your request to see their location firstly. If you don’t want someone to find out that you intend to trace their location, it's best to use a cell phone tracking app.

How to find someone's location by cell phone number?

You can’t find someone’s location by cell phone number only. The app needs to connect to the Global Positioning System to get the coordinates of someone’s location. So, it’s impossible to find where the person is only by tracing their phone number. The reliable way to track someone's location is to install cell phone tracker on the mobile phone. It will show an accurate location.

Is it illegal to track someone’s phone without them knowing?

It is entirely legal to track the mobile phone of your underage child. But if you want to monitor someone else’s device, it’s better to inform the person about it. Of course, there are many cases when people use the software without informing the target person. It's not prohibited, but still, we advise you to get consent.

How can I tell if my phone is being tracked?

To tell whether your Android phone is being tracked or not, you need to explore all the files the phone contains. There might be some additional unknown files left from the installation of the cell phone tracker. If you use an iPhone, watch the device's behaviour. If you receive texts with weird numbers or the device’s screen lights up unexpectedly, your iPhone may be tracked.

Is mobile tracker undetectable?

Mobile tracker app is usually undetectable. But it depends on the product that you are using. For example, apps like mSpy and Spyzie can ensure 100% invisible mode, when some other applications, can be easily detected.

To ensure that the app you choose is undetectable, read reviews before buying the software. Also, contact customer support to find out everything you need to know.

Will users know the software is installed or running?

The users won’t be able to tell whether the software is working on their device or not. Of course, some applications may reduce battery life considerably, make phone screen turn on randomly and show other signs. But if you choose a powerful and reliable cell phone tracker, you should expect no signs of it on the target device.

So, the target user won't be able to detect the software if they see no signs of it.

Does it work in my country?

Phone tracking software works regardless of the country you live in. You can even use it to monitor the activity of your teen who moved to another country to study in college, for example.

The software also doesn’t need to be shipped. You can download it from the website and install in on the phone you want to track.