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Snapchat monitoring, or How to make sure your kid is safe online

snapchat monitoring

Since Snapchat is one of the most popular and at the same time dangerous instant messengers existing today, to find a smart Snapchat monitoring solution is a problem for many parents. The fact is that this multimedia messaging mobile application has a very unique feature – it automatically deletes every sent message (text, photo, or video) in just several seconds after it is opened by the recipient. Continue reading

Are your teens sexting with Snapchat?

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Have you ever heard about Snapchat tracking software? Most likely, you have, as in today’s world of digital technologies, such trackers are a must-have for all caring parents willing to protect their kids online. Why? It’s all about sexting! This relatively new phenomenon is unfortunately extremely popular among teens now that makes it a real problem for most parents, and for a reason.

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Track Pokemon Go App Activity On Your Children’s Phone

pokemon go tracking

The hype behind Pokémon Go is way too real to be ignored. The game has quickly found its way to be one of the most used apps in the world, all in a matter of weeks. It is a great new concept that takes people out of their homes and into the real world in order to find and capture Pokémon on their phones.

But while the game is heaps of fun, there are some real dangers that parents need to be aware of. Continue reading

Best Email Spy App for Parental Monitoring

email spy

Parents around the world are taking advantage of spy apps today, in order to make sure that they children don’t fall prey to online bullies or predators. Such apps are useful for monitoring someone’s cell phone or pc activities. Parents, therefore, can always be aware of what is happening in their children’s lives by using such apps. Continue reading

Introducing Tinder tracking features with mSpy

mSpy has recently introduced Tinder tracking feature, which is the prime need to get valid proof and information about what your child is doing on their mobiles. It has become the need for today’s world to keep a check on the children and saving them from any probable issue in their life. Continue reading

What Messaging Apps are Popular among Teens

What Messaging Apps are Popular among Teens

It’s no longer the case that SMS messages are the only way for teens to interact with one another. Facebook was one of the first apps to really change that, and many others followed. Now, there are so many apps that it is hard to even name all of them that teens are using to interact among themselves.

Here’s a list of the popular apps among most teens today, with a short note as to why a parent would be concerned with their teen using it. Continue reading

What is the Best Age to get a Cell Phone?

What is the Best Age to get a Cell Phone

It may just be inevitable that one day your children will ask for a cell phone of their own. Be it out of necessity or for entertainment, as everyone today is heavily reliant on their cell phones for it, you will have to face this as parent one day or the other.

What age is the best to get your child a cell phone remains to be answered. There is no one answer to this, as it all depends on the need, the maturity level of the child, and the family influences. Continue reading