Top Android tracking apps 2016

Trying to find best Android tracking software may be tough, that’s why we’ve gathered only top spy apps and trackers for your Android phone in one place.

Compare table for chosing best Android spy app:

RankSoftwareScoreReviewOS SupportMoney Back24h SupportPriceDescription



StarReviewAndroid (all devices), iOS (no jailbreak required), Mac OS, Windows10 daysyes$29.99MSpy worked perfectly on every tested Android phone and tablet, on all Android versions higher than 4. ROOT isn’t needed!
mobile spy

Mobile Spy
StarReviewAndroid, BlackBerryNoNo$49.97Has great perfomance on most Android devices and versions. Several bugs were reported after using this app on latest Nexus devices with Android 5.

SaarReviewSymbian, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows MobileNoNo$49.95SpyBubble is compatible with all Android versions, but works unstable on HTC One M8. According to the company, patch will be released soon.

StarReviewSymbian, Android, Apple, BlackberryNoNo$149.00Spyera works without issues on all phones and tablets with Android 4, but devices with Android 5 may suffer from increased battery usage.

StarReviewAndroid, iOSNoNo$22.99iSpyoo was tested on various phones, and no major issues were reported. Performance of several Samsung models was slightly slowed down.
the truth spy

StarReviewiOS, AndroidNoNo$16.99TheTruthSpy has passed the testing well on all Android 4x devices, but several bugs were found on Android 5 phones.
StarReviewAndroid (Tablets and Phones), iPhoneNoNo$49.00Works well on Android 4x phones, but caused onde Android 5 device to crush during the installation process. Not recommended on Android 5 gadgets, until patch is released.
StarReviewSymbian, Android, iPhone, Blackberry10 daysNo$149.00According to our test results, Flexispy causes random crushes when installed on Android 5 system on some Samsung, LG and Lenovo phones. Not recommended for devices operating Android 5 untill patch is released.
highster mobile

Highster Mobile
StarReviewAndroid, iPhone/iPad/iPod (iOS)NoNo$69.99Highster is compatible with phones based on Android 4x and 5 systems, but is unstable on some tablets, specifically Nexus series.

StarReviewSymbian, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows MobileNoNo$79.99Mobistealth was unstable on all Android 4.4 and 5 devices. According to their site, problem should be solved in latest update, however we don’t have a test data yet. Not recommended until proper testing is done.

These best trackers are available to keep a check over spouse, teen, partner or employee. You can secretly view the remote activities of a person or family member by using undetectable app on the Android.


These invisible applications work perfectly on android smartphones as well as iPhone. It will trace SMS, IM texts, WhatsApp chats, Facebook, Viber, Snapchat, Skype, GPS location, call logs, internet browsing history in hidden and much more.

Android devices are mostly in use these days. Android is easy to user and its user friendliness makes it the top choice of many people. There are many spyware apps available to spy on the mobile phones and they are used easily.

Simple Android Installation

We have analyzed that setting up the best cell phone tracker apps is not really tough. You only have to know how to buy the subscription online and once it is done, you will get an ID and respective password. Download the application on android of someone you wish to track and once it is done, the monitoring will begin. You will not have to check the mobile phone by picking it up again and again and these top apps don’t show up by any messages or popup window, which is useful if it’s lost or stolen. It is mandatory to get physical access to the cell phone in order to set up the software app once. After adjusting the application, you will get access to the hacked data of your teen kids, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife through control panel.

Android Tracking Applications 2016 – Fast reviews


mSpy is rewarded as the top spyware solution with all features organized in the best way, including Facebook chats, Viber, Skype and Whatsapp texts, GPS location, sms, Snapchat history, etc. mSpy tracker is used by many people because of its user friendliness. The cost is not too low, but the services offered are best in their category and Android monitoring is done on different platforms. You can rely on mSpy to know about your children or employees.


FlexiSpy tracker gives you full access to any Android or iPhone mobile phone without missing out anything. You will get whole information through the control panel provided by top company and this software has got everything you need to know about the cell phone owner. If your partner is cheating on you or your kids are going on the wrong track, Flexispy software will help you to get the best data so you’ll know how to act.


Mobile phone hacking is done on any user to keep information regarding the Android device. It doesn’t consider too many top features, but the important ones are covered in the best servicing package. SpyBubble tracker have competitive priced packages to offer and gives you good spying results. You can rely on it for your basic tracking needs.


SpyEra secret cell phone application is useful and we’ve analyzed that people from personal requirements choose it one due to its well-established presence online. It works well and gives the top information in an organized way. SpyEra is competitive in best Android spyware industry and holds a supreme presence.


iSpyoo application supports a wide array of top Android cell phones. You can get all hidden information online and check out the plans relevant according to your need. Apart from downloading it on the mobile phone, you can check out various options for other devices. It is an appropriate tracker solution for your cell phone tracking needs. If your phone gets stolen or lost, you will be able to get all the data on any remote location and attain results.


This is truly an amazing Android spyware app with the top features covered in different packages. You can use it in case of personal or professional monitoring. In the latter case, you need to let your employer know that they are being spied. However, in case of personal spying, it is not mandatory and may be done by remaining invisible.

Highster mobile

Highster mobile phone monitoring software is installed on the Android within two minutes and doesn’t show any messages or popups thereafter. There are many adjustments designed for the ease of subscribers and the spying process will immediately begin after installation of software on the targeted Android.


MobileSpy tracker consists of the best basic and most important undetectable hacking features. Unlike other Android applications, it has lesser features, but it gives the perfect results for basic spying necessities. The price is competitive and it is the best option for people looking for essential features.


You can spy on your children or spouse without letting them know about it. It is a spyware company including the features; exclusive of email tracking. This Android software gives everything except this short coming.


This Android cell phone app has a good reputation amongst market and gives the best details about mobile phone tracking activities. You will be able to get track of all operating systems and it enables spying of almost all the Androids.
It is your responsibility to choose the top Android cell phone spying solution that suits your needs and get the benefit of call tracker within a few clicks.


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